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Don’t scare the sea turtles on the beach “


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Caretta caretta and green sea turtles are among the important nesting areas in Mersin, the turtles from the beach began to lay their first eggs, the authorities warned people not to approach the region and not to scare the animals. With the rise of temperatures in Mersin, mother-rooted turtles started to turn to beaches to make nests and leave their eggs. Caretta caretta and green sea turtles, which landed only once a year to spawn, made this year the first home in Mersin to the beach of Davultepe, located in the central Mezitli district

Mersin University (MEU) Sea Turtles Research and Application Center officials have also identified the nest and hung the signs to warn the citizens. “You have to watch the remote silently and without light” MEI Sea Turtle Research Center Lecturer Mahmoud Adolescents, said that sea turtles is very important for Turkey and Mersin. That 21 beaches in Turkey reproduction transfer Adolescents, this beach of Anamur, Goksu Delta, Alata, including 5 of Davultepe Bowl and noted that in Mersin. Emphasizing that sea turtles started laying eggs on sandy beaches as of May, Ergene continued:

“In the middle of July, the young will begin to emerge. The most important thing for our citizens is to clean the environment. Especially in the recent years, plastic wastes are causing great distress. In the beach, the youngsters reach the sea, while the sea is also plastic waste turtles can be thought of as a jellyfish. For this reason, environmental cleanliness is very important. Light pollution is also very important. When the offspring leave the nest, the sea is directed towards the sparkle. If there is a higher light source in the background, they turn to the back side so they cannot reach the sea. ” Ergene warned people: “Turtles go to the beach to leave the animals and not just to lay their eggs, so don’t be scared of these animals, they don’t get too close to them. In general, when people see the sea turtle, they go to the curiosity. too many pictures are taken in the summer. The animal is also turning in such a situation. If you see a turtle on the beach, instead of approaching it, you can watch it rotate in a remote place with love.

Ergene, emphasizing that all the beaches on a regular basis, said they are trying to determine the nests.

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