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Miners are Suffering from Increasing the State’s Share to 4.5 percent


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The Chairman of the MTSO Mining and Mineral Products Professional Committee, Hüseyin Oynar, drew attention to the fact that the increase of the share of state right from 2 percent to 4.5 percent forced miners.

The Chairman of the MTSO Mining and Mineral Products Professional Committee, Hüseyin Oynar, drew attention to the fact that the increase of the share of state right from 2 percent to 4.5 percent forced miners. Indicating that the last year, a basic price application was introduced. said. Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO) 23 No Mining and Mineral Products Professional Committee Chairman Çalar, committee work and made an explanation of the sector. Stating that the most important issue that they have been standing on for a long time as a sectoral industrial site, Çalar said, olarak The biggest problem of the sector at the moment is that there is no industrial site of its own. problem, we can not get a result. New local governments will come together to repeat the demands of this issue will continue to follow, “he said.

Calculation of an industrial site about 200-300 acres of land will be enough for the desired space, this area will include warehouses and workshops, social reinforcement areas will take place, the synergy with the company will also relax the buyers and companies, he said. Çalar said that the workshops were stuck in the city and that they were still working under the buildings. He said that this situation brought both pollution and pollution with the marble dust. Çalar can be prevented by the establishment of the site a little away from the city sound pollution in the city that can be prevented, at the same time stressed that the city traffic will relax. Mermerciler has an association and the association’s income indicating that the Çalar, in case of necessary land allocation can be completed easily said the superstructure.

“Mermerciler was affected by the contraction in the construction sector” Çalar also pointed out that there are serious problems in the domestic market, and that they are greatly affected by the contraction in the construction sector in particular. The marbles were laid in the last stage of the project and even the ongoing projects, the contractor in the last stage telling about the money remaining. Indicating that the problem of payment in the public tenders in the Oyunar, said that despite the fulfillment of commitments in the point of getting distress.

“Export markets are in good condition”

In the export markets, the demands were quite good and Oyunar gave the following information: “Our region especially in very good condition on marble. Turkey can say that we have a good potential in general. Virtuous and it’s close to our pit mine 20 in total in Silifke. The company is working mainly for export. Priority markets are China, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Taiwan, Countries like Indonesia and Malaysia are preferring to use marble in public houses as well as in the majority of the houses because they are hot. Population densities are too high and there is no quality marble in their hands. Exports in the current situation in order to overcome the economic difficulties in order to achieve the 2023 export increase is important in order to reach the importance of export Çalaz, despite the demand for products from abroad from time to time bureaucratic obstacles to overcome and can not show the export performance of the desired, he said. “The biggest problem encountered in the bureaucracy delay,” he said. “Today, you can write an e-mail in 2 minutes and send it to America in 1 second, whereas in our country, a paperwork, related institutions for days between the two rooms can not go,” he said. Oyunar complained about the laws that change very often, as well as delays, said that they faced a new law every week and that they were subjected to numerous penalties because of their difficulty in following them.

“Costs should decrease for strengthening our competitive structure” “We need to reduce costs to a minimum in order to strengthen the competitive structure in exports,” he said. said. Mentioning that there were serious delays in the exportation of VAT at the same time, Calisar said that the exporter can make as much profit as the returns he has received and, if he cannot, he has given up on doing business. Stating that the foreign exchange inflow to the country is decreasing when the firms leave the export, Oyunar underlined that the returns should be paid as soon as possible.

“All input costs increased”

He added that there were serious increases in input costs as well as extra costs such as penalties and state subsidies. “One of the biggest input items is diesel oil. Diesel prices have increased enormously. A raw material produced by diesel is also difficult to sell. Two years ago, a marble factory received an average of 15 thousand pounds of electricity bills, while today, at least 35-40 thousand pounds invoices are working in the same conditions. “I believe we can respond more to demand if our costs fall.”

Çalar said that the fluctuations in the exchange rate affect exports negatively, the period they sell goods and their period when they make a continuous exchange rate difference between the period they experienced serious losses from time to time, he said. Although he had a high rate, he said that they would be able to take a position according to him, but that they were not able to see in front of them. They said they expect support for the solution of the problems. – MERSIN

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