Strawberry Production from Young Farmer


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Supported within the scope of the Young Farmer Project in the Mut district of Mersin, Nefibe Kuş started to produce strawberriesMut District Agriculture and Forest Manager Ekrem Bayır, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Rural Development Grant Support Supported within the scope of Young Farmers Project in Mut district, Nefibe Kuş started strawberry production

Mut District Agriculture and Forestry Director Ekrem Bayır visited the field of Nefibe Kuş, which received 30 thousand liras grant support as part of the Young Farmer Project from the rural development grant supports of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Bayır, examining the products of the young farmer and wishing success, emphasized the importance of establishing new production areas in the district and turning to alternative products.

Bird said that he applied for the project last year and planted strawberries in order to grow alternative crops.

Strawberries himself in the market that tells about the Bird, the livelihood of his family, adding that he added.

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