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Honey Bees Flying 300 Km For This Flower


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It is claimed that the blood flowers are opened only 40 kilometers from the village of Kavak, which has seen only Aksifat waters in the world, on the Salur plateau between Aksifat and Kavak village.

Salur plateau, which dominates the highest peak of the region, fascinates those who see blood flowers that bloom only in early May. Salur plateau animal husbandry dealing with the Halil İbrahaim Ak, “Scientists, the blooming of the Salur plateau in the world, only in the Silifke district of Mersin, Kavak plateau village is grown,” he says. In the literature, the name of the ‘ponera pregrine’ blood flower tulip, a potato plant after the first week of May to open until the last week remains. It has a charm that enchants the viewers with its image and colors. Especially the honey bees love this flower. When it comes to May, people from many parts of the country come to see this flowe

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