“Vehicle Without Barriers” Introduced in Mersin


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In Mersin, a special design electric vehicle was introduced to allow people with physical disabilities to ride and ride on their cordless chairs without ever descending or carrying anyone.

According to the statement made by the Mediterranean Municipality, the Mayor Mustafa Gültak, designed by Burcu Aydemir and “Vehicle that does not recognize obstacles” was introduced to the promotion of the vehicle. Gültak who examined the vehicle, the project is developed for entrepreneurs who are disabled, he said.

Gültak stated that one of the biggest dreams of people with disabilities is not to be in need of anybody while doing their daily works. “This vehicle designed by Burcu Aydemir is a tool to eliminate the difficulties experienced by the disabled people in transportation. Our disabled citizens will be able to ride this vehicle with a cordless vehicle to the beginning of the steering wheel and go easily to the desired location.” Burcu Aydemir also thanked Mayor Gültak for his contribution and support to the project and said, “I believe that this tool will greatly facilitate the lives of people with disabilities. used expressions.

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